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Parenting Workshops 

Parenting workshops help parents deal with everyday parenting issues…

Educator’s Workshops 

EDVISHAN workshops for educators offer focused instruction…

Wellness Workshop

It is an active process of getting aware and taking action to achieve…

Financial Management 

Financial Management means having the knowledge, skills…

Professional Skills Development Workshops

PSD WORKSHOPS focus on expanding your career-related skillset…

English Language Development Courses

Writing a good composition is just like creating a piece of good art…

Programming Languages

Enrolling in a programming language course at EDVISHAN is…

 Mental Health Training Programme

2-hour training Program for Educators on Mental Health Issues in Students

EDVISHAN promises to deliver the best. 

genuine courses

Our courses are specially framed and designed to meet the need of the hours. EDVISHAN RESEARCH TEAM is efficiently involved in deep research to find out the latest trends and incorporate all into the curricula.

expert instruction

All EDVISHAN INSTRUCTORS are adept and proficient experts in their respective fields. The best features of EDVISHAN classes -*interactive, *engaging and *effective

24/7 support

EDVISHAN provides 24x7 support to all the members, availing EDVISHAN courses.


EDVISHAN was founded by two dynamic individuals, Dr. Shanoli Ray and Dr. Vikrant Singhal, who are committed to making a positive impact on society and the world through their work. 

Dr. Shanoli Ray, a renowned Edu-Leader, author, keynote speaker, and master trainer, is the WICCI National President (ESG Council) and National Advisor for PHILIP KOTLER Inc. (India). Her contributions to the education sector have been invaluable and have helped shape the future of education in India. 

Dr. Vikrant Singhal, an MBA in Finance from London, is a corporate trainer, keynote speaker, and global education consultant. With his vast experience working with top-notch companies like Amazon (UK) and Barclays (UK), he has made a significant impact on the global education landscape.

Together, Dr. Shanoli Ray and Dr. Vikrant Singhal have created EDVISHAN, a global platform that is accessible to all people. Their vision is to bridge the skills gap between education and practical application, by providing proper skills training to students and professionals alike. They believe that everyone deserves equal opportunities for growth and development, and that is why they have created EDVISHAN – to make education accessible to all, regardless of their socio-economic background or geographical location. Their contribution to society and the world is immeasurable and their work has already impacted the lives of countless individuals.


What says our students

Edvishan's commitment to women's empowerment is remarkable. Their programs have not only enhanced my financial literacy but also boosted my confidence and empowered me to take control of my financial future.

Nitesh Goel

Web Developer

The things that change your life are:-* the people you meet,the classes you take and the books you read Thank you so much Shanoli mam Vikrant Sir and the esteemed vibrant members of the group

Smt Binita Sarkar


Real-World Skills for Real Success! I can't thank Edvishan enough for equipping me with the skills and knowledge I needed to excel in my career. The practical approach to education is refreshing and immensely beneficial. I recommend Edvishan to anyone looking to enhance their skills and employability.



Because you deserve to shine.

We have special skill development courses to help you navigate successfully through your career. All courses are conducted by expert Edvishan Master Trainers.

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