Explore the concepts and tools of strategic business management.

Learn more about the organizational strategy within which managers make decisions and how it relates to competitive advantage.

Program Benefits

  • Perform external and internal analyses for companies and evaluate the dynamics of competition
  • Build strategies using appropriate frameworks and tools
  • Understand your own company’s strategy
  • Align your role with your company’s strategic goals and objectives
  • Develop recommendations to strengthen your company’s strategic position and competitive advantage
  • Understand the basics of strategy implementation and control

Topics Covered

  • The process of crafting and executing a strategic plan
  • Frameworks and tools to conduct external and internal analyses
  • Evaluating the competitive conditions and industry attractiveness
  • Assessing a company’s resources, capabilities, competencies and competitive advantage
  • Different types of business strategies
  • Strategic moves companies make to strengthen their competitive position in the market (i.e., blue ocean and disruptive innovation strategies amongst other strategies).
  • Effective strategy implementation and the strategic change process

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