Wellness programs provide employers with strategies and solutions that improve employee health and general wellbeing issues.An effective wellness program includes health promotion, an award system for committed employees, wellbeing and mental health policies, a greater work-life balance, flexible working hours, equal and fair opportunity, professional training, and more. Moreover, EDVISHAN corporate wellness courses focus on edification and measures to prevent negative health outcomes and reinforce positive workplace culture.

People worldwide expect to continue working from home post-pandemic. Learning to adjust and embrace these lifestyle changes is more important than ever. In fact, for many, this means working while running a household, schooling children, and finding a way to face the challenges of a blurred work-home life.

Throughout this period, healthy lifestyle behaviors and habits can help employees keep a positive state of mind, reduce mental health issues, and maintain balance.

Diploma Certificate in CORPORATE WELLNESS will be provided after successful completion of all the modules.


  • Able to Lower Health Cost
  • The organizations that introduce wellness programs to their employees report higher employee engagement.
  • Able to increase productivity
  • Able to reduce absenteeism
  • Able to create Positive Work Environment


  • What Are Corporate Wellness Programs?
  • Wellness In The Workspace
  • Importance of Corporate Wellness Programs
  • The 9 Dimensions of Wellness
  • DREYMSS- The Seven Ways To Wellness
  • How To Encourage Workplace Wellness
  • Case Studies – Major Companies Using Workplace Wellness Programs and Plans
  • Guide to set up a wellness center

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