Emotional intelligence (EI)—the ability to recognize and positively manage emotions in yourself and others—is a powerful component of effective leadership. Understanding and developing EI helps us understand ourselves, build and maintain strong personal and professional relationships, and effectively lead others.

Certificate in EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE will be provided after successful completion.


  • skills to build and maintain trust
  • become more resilient
  • manage difficult interactions
  • enhance team performance
  • respond to stress and pressure more effectively
  • lead for long-term results
  • Students improve their understanding of themselves and others
  • learn how to better work with and through others to achieve organizational objectives.


  • What are emotions
  • How to identify, understand and manage our emotions
  • What is EI
  • How and when is EI employed
  • What are the applications and benefits of EI
  • What is the impact of EI on our family and careers

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