Investing is putting your money to use so as to allow it to grow. An investment can be in form of property such as livestock (cows, goats, pigs), land (rental apartments, buildings), business [market stalls, grocery shops, public transportation (taxi, special hire or buses)] or shares, bonds and government securities from which you can earn profits.

Investment is the driver for creation of wealth and financial security, Increase the ability to earn more income, establishing income generating facilities in retirement and creation of jobs for self and family.

A topic on investment enables participants to appreciate that Investments make a difference if they can generate higher cash flows in the future. It also saves them from investing in assets that do not appreciate in value over time.  They would also be able to calculate what you expect to earn in future from the investment before making the decision by first comparing it with other investment alternatives and choose the one with a possibility of a higher return.

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