This topic focuses on understanding risk and how to protect ourselves. Participants are given the skills to protect themselves, their businesses and families against unexpected events which can have serious consequences for you.
The modules help the participants to identify the strategies to cope with these situations. They also learn about the financial products in the market that offer protection like insurance.
In our daily lives we have possibilities of loss or injury. Participants have to learn how to deal with events that have negative consequences for anyone and for business. The risks to discuss with the participants include floods that can affect your home or business, suffering personal injury or illnesses, accidents, theft, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, becoming unemployed, and death.
Insurance is a form of protection against the threat or possibility of loss. It is an arrangement by which an insurance company compensates a person or a company for a specified loss caused by e.g., an accident, fire, injury, illness or death in return for an agreed amount of money paid in advance (this is called a premium).
Insurance is one way to “Protect your Family’s Future”. The topic covers the types of insurance including different insurance products or policies for risks like: Property insurance, Health insurance, Life insurance, Liability insurance, Disability insurance, and Travel insurance.

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