Decision making

Edvishan is Globally Recognized as the market leader for providing training in People Skills and Personality Development. Our “Expert Team” comprises over 30 leading Professionals with more than 10 years of experience in excellent communication skills, with the ability to form connections with people to establish trust and dependability to lead teams. Our highly skilled and expert instructors have developed unique training techniques to help motivated learners master the skills and ability to recognize their and others’ emotions and guide these emotions to deliver more productive results.

Decision-Making Training Course Overview
Decision-Making is the process of making the best choices by identifying a decision, collecting information, and evaluating alternative resolutions. It is essential to identify the strategies that help individuals make the right decisions and collectively reveal biases that influence the organization’s outcomes. Decision-Making skills enable individuals to demonstrate their ability to choose the best option between two or more options. Our Decision-Making Skills training course aims to provide learners with an in-depth knowledge of taking important decisions using Decision-Making skills. After attending this training, delegates will be able to become successful decision-makers.

The Six Biases of Decision Making
Think Like a Lawyer to make Decisions and solve problems
Data Informed Decision Making
Crafting Questions to make better Decision
Data Driven Decision Making
Developing a critical mindset
Critical Thinking for better Judgment and Decision Making
Effective Decision Making
Using Data to Make Decision


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