Emotional Intelligence

Edvishan is Globally Recognized as the market leader for providing training in People Skills and Personality Development. Our “Expert Team” comprises over 30 leading Professionals with more than 10 years of experience in excellent communication skills, with the ability to form connections with people to establish trust and dependability to lead teams. Our highly skilled and expert instructors have developed unique training techniques to help motivated learners master the skills and ability to recognize their and others’ emotions and guide these emotions to deliver more productive results.

Emotional Intelligence Course Overview
Emotional Intelligence (also known as the Emotional Quotient) is the capability of understanding, appropriating, and managing your emotions positively to relieve stress, empathies with others, overcome challenges, effectively communicate, and resolve conflicts. Emotional Intelligence helps you build strong relations, succeed at work, and enhance your Emotional Intelligence. This training comprises essential skills and knowledge that individuals need to control their emotions in the workplace effectively.

This Emotional Intelligence course is specially tailored by subject matter experts and includes tips and tricks for handling emotions and avoiding conflicts in their workplace. Our Emotional Intelligence training course provides delegates with in-depth knowledge of how to manage, address, and prevent conflict in your workplace, understand the areas of Emotional Intelligence, implementing Emotional Intelligence, etc. After completion of this training, delegates will become more self-aware of their emotional reactions. They will be able to control their emotions in the workplace and understand other’s emotions better effectively. This Emotional Intelligence Course also includes an exam that will help delegates to establish their Emotional Intelligence skills and become more confident in resolving issues.

Tools to Manage Emotions

How to have compassionate Presence

Mindful Stress Management

Mastering Self Motivation

The Courage to Self Compassion


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