Email Etiquette

Edvishan is Globally Recognized as the market leader for providing training in People Skills and Personality Development. Our “Expert Team” comprises over 30 leading Professionals with more than 10 years of experience in excellent communication skills, with the ability to form connections with people to establish trust and dependability to lead teams. Our highly skilled and expert instructors have developed unique training techniques to help motivated learners master the skills and ability to recognize their and others’ emotions and guide these emotions to deliver more productive results.

A clear and transparent communication pattern is essential for optimum performance in any organization. Coherent communication is more crucial when you are working for a global organization that deals with partners, customers and vendors from different parts of the world. Your message needs to overcome cultural barriers and language differences in order to be understood and interpreted correctly. Therefore, learning to use standard formats for international correspondence, is essential if you wish to make all your business communications quick and effective. Email etiquette training teaches the proper use of business language and accurately addressing your stakeholders. Emails are just like your business card as it introduces you as a member of the global business community. This Email etiquette course will help you learn ways in which you can send across your message for effective and powerful communication while saving precious time generally lost in translation and understanding.


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